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Wishing Step Pictures (WSP) was formed in 2012 to make films and stage campaigns as a force for social change. Since then, WSP has evolved to include the latest innovations in technology both in its content creation and distribution, and also in creating impact tools intended to provide measurable solutions to the problems canvassed in WSP fllms. WSP is operated by directors Kim Carter, Neil Glass, Zabi Yaqeen, and Agam Jain.


Kim Carter


Kim Carter, Producer, SAC Supervisory Board Member, Abolish (Presid...

Neil Glass

Producer, Finance

Neil Glass, Producer, SAC Supervisory Board Member, Abolish (Director, Finance, WSP; Director, TA...

Zabi Yaqeen

Producer, Counsel

Zabi Yaqeen, Producer, SAC Supervisory Board Member, Abolish (Director, Counsel, WSP; Director, ...

Agam Jain

Producer, Risk Management

Agam Jain, Producer, Risk Management, SAC Supervisory Board Member, Abolish (Advisor, TAF) is al...

Adam Craveiro

Production Manager

Adam Craveiro, Production Manager, is a multi-disciplinary filmmaker and educator from Toronto. H...

Sanyam Jain

Team Leader (India)

Sanyam Jain, Project Manager (India), has worked as an Accounts Manager for over 4 years for a bo...

Pravin Madalia

IT Consultant

Pravin Madalia Parmar has more than 10 years of experience in various positions as Lecturer/Train...

Sagar Jivani

HR Consultant

Sagar Jivani, HR Consultant, is an HRTech Entrepreneur. He is the Founder & CEO of WebStreet ...

Sujeesh P Nair

UI/UX Designer

Sujeesh P Nair, UI/UX Designer, has experience of over 3 years of creating usable and delightful ...

Uma Sankar Buddi

iOS Developer

Uma Sankar Buddi, Software Engineer (iOS Developer) is an expert in Developing iOS Applications u...

Appolla Sreedhar

Android Developer

Appolla Sreedhar, Software Engineer (Android Application Developer), is having more than 3 years ...

Karthik K B Devadiga

Back end Developer

Karthik K B Devadiga, Software Engineer (Back-End Developer) has worked as a Software Developer i...


At Wishing Step Pictures we believe art and entertainment can be driving forces for social change. We are producing films that are great to watch but also issue challenges to the status quo. So we ask our audience to enjoy the movie―then join with us to work for change.

Each of our films have top down and bottom up campaigns attached to them. Top down where we engage large corporations in such projects as authoring and distributing best practice guidelines, and bottom up where we reach out into the global community with screenings, exhibits, educational packages and ingenious, viral calls to action.


Gone are the days when the sole consideration of most investors was the rate of potential return. Increasingly, investors want to align investments with their personal values. This has led to the exponential growth of SRIs—or ethical funds—in recent years. Wishing Step Pictures Inc. believes social responsibility and a personal cause for good can go hand in hand with a quality investment offering a substantial rate of return. If you want to further discuss socially responsible investments, please contact us at info@wishingstep.com

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