Kim Carter

Kim Carter, Producer, SAC Supervisory Board Member, Abolish (President, WSP; Director, TAF) has extensive experience in business management. He is a producer on the recently released documentary film When Elephants Fight. He has owned and operated a vertically integrated company in the UK; was Founder/Director of publishing companies Carter & Carter Ltd. and Salt Kettle Publishing Ltd.; was Chairman/Director, Macquarie Capital Alliance International Limited and Director, Macquarie MCG International Limited, which were both taken private with an acquisition value of more than US$6 billion. Kim is an Independent Director of Macquarie Special Situations Fund Limited (MSSits) and three other related Macquarie entities. In addition to several other directorships, he is Director/Founder of KATKiDS, and Co-Founder of TEDxBermuda. In 2007 Kim helped in the rescue and subsequent rehabilitation of I36 trafficked children in Nepal. The children were in appalling physical and mental condition while in the hands of traffickers, but after the rescue and many years of care, they are in good health, many going on to higher education and all have finally been reunited with their families.