We are asking the film's audience and visitors to our site to support the use of the Free2Work app by signing up for our call to action.

The app was first developed in 2011 by Not for Sale. It now requires an update, including implementation of recent research regarding the supply chain of various products and brands. Since 2011, the problem of modern slavery has gotten worse, from 30 million, we're now at 36 million. With the problem so massive and overwhelming, the first reaction is to abandon any hope to change things. But around the world, a new generation of abolitionists have committed to taking a step, however available given personal circumstances, to do something about the slaves who live amongst us, whether in our neighborhood, or on another continent.

Corporate behavior can be changed, and for that we need individual consumers to make purchasing decisions that do not contribute to the propogation of a supply chain in which slave labour is acceptable. We need mass adoption in order to be able to put enough pressure on corporations to improve labor practices. We need 10,000,000 users of the Free2Work app in order to be able to pressure corporations to clean up their supply chain. We're asking you to take a stand, to stop purchasing products that are made with the use of slave labour. The Free2Work app gives you the tools to make better buying decisions. It's free, and the updated version will be available for download in early 2017. Click here to sign up


We are working with Not For Sale, a leading and innovative anti-slavery organization that is tackling the root causes of modern slavery by providing training and dignified work to slavery survivors and vulnerable people. Not For Sale operates internationally, and has developed various programs designed for each region to best tackle slavery in that region. Not For Sale has also developed the Free2Work app, which allows consumers to scan the barcodes of products and avoid purchases that use slave labor in their supply chain. Please sign up for the Free2Work app here to pressure corporations to clean up their supply chain. 

Abolish is a film and campaign against modern slavery. While we believe that the film is important to raise awareness of modern slavery, we also need to take action to ensure that specific steps are taken to combat modern slavery. We have partnered with Not For Sale, a leading and innovative anti-slavery organization, to help us direct our audience's energy into effective action. 

The film is scheduled for release for direct download on this website and in theaters in 2018. But you don't need to wait until then to learn more about modern slavery and become involved in putting an end to this problem. We will be releasing interactive online video content starting in early 2017.